Yet another armed conflict database

Armed conflict databases are collections of information about armed conflicts, including information about the parties involved, the duration of the conflict, and the location of the conflict. We can use these databases for a variety of purposes, including academic research, policy analysis, and conflict resolution.

Armed conflict databases can be useful for identifying trends and patterns in armed conflicts, tracking the evolution of conflicts over time, and understanding the factors that contribute to the onset and resolution of armed conflicts. They monitor the impact of armed conflicts on civilians and assess the effectiveness of conflict resolution efforts.

We used the platform-as-a-service offering BigQuery from Google hosting the spatial-enabled armed conflict events of the Uppsala Conflict Data Program, Azure Functions from Microsoft accessing BigQuery and calculating spatial aggregations on-the-fly perfectly fitting into our current Azure DevOps pipeline, and ArcGIS Platform from Esri hosting fully fledged feature services, ready-to-use dashboards containing hosted web maps for the best user experience.

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