Mapping the geospatial patterns of broadcasted news

Mapping the geospatial patterns of broadcasted news allows a geospatial analyst to gain insights into common and unusual geospatial patterns. We decided using one of the most comprehensive news collection named “Global Database Events of Tone and Language” (GDELT) as the ground truth.

The creator of the GDELT project Kalev Leetaru wanted to construct a highly interconnected knowledge graph of human behaviour and beliefs. A massive knowledge graph stores the daily broadcasted news data across the entire planet. This knowledge graph contains news data from 1979 to present. Throughout the years, the data volume and frequency of news media increased exponentially.

We published the geoprotests API and offer web-services endpoints returning ready-to-use geospatial features representing broadcasted news related to protests and demonstrations. You can use these geospatial features to build various mapping and geospatial applications.

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